Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Wishful Thinking

I am at the the half way point of the week and for some reason I keep thinking it is Thursday. I haven't a clue what is causing this temporal confusion. This week isn't overly arduous and there is nothing that I want to put behind me, neither is the there anything special planned for the weekend that makes me want to get there faster. There is also little point in me checking the date indicator on my watch to re baseline myself as, since I started wearing reading glasses, it is way too small to see and consequently doesn't get reset at the end of the shorter months … Like me it is out of synch too.

The morning started with a trip in to the Depot as I had the opportunity to meet a Supplier who is involved in a couple of my projects. This was no planned meeting. They were there for a Presentation to another team and a colleague mentioned that I was conveniently located so they arrived early and we pressed the flesh and had a chat before they headed off to their meeting.

I headed home at lunchtime and spent the afternoon with a phone glued to my ear on a series of calls. The working day eventually came to a close and a walk was  taken around the Three Miler with T&M. 30% returned from her wanderings just before seven in the evening and we ate together and caught up on her news. This is almost a flying visit as she is off to Houston on Sunday and will be away all week.

I do need to have a word with her about her travel planning as it has been assumed that I am fine with getting up at four thirty on Sunday morning to run her over to Birmingham Airport for her flight. Has she not seen those large, fenced, tarmac spaces with serried ranks of cars on the periphery of the airport? I guess not!

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