Saturday, 16 April 2011

Elastic Trickery

Andy & Steve are booked in to decorate the Bedroom starting on the 17th of May and that date is galloping towards us.

I have a huge amount of preparation to complete before they turn up as they are expecting to perform a quick whizz over the wood with sandpaper and then break out the emulsion and satin wood. My Job List is as follows:-

  • Sand both doors, apply Danish Oil and then finish with a coat of wax
  • Strip and sand the door frame
  • Strip, sand, oil and wax the two window sills
  • Strip both cupboards, sand, oil and wax
  • Replace the two surface mounted sockets with recessed boxes and new double sockets
  • Install a junction box in the ring main and run off two spurs terminating in double sockets; one to be recessed below the TV bracket and the other in a flush mounted box that will ultimately be  built in to the end wall of the wardrobe
  • Install a pendant light fitting
  • Replace the Pull switch over the bed
  • Floorboard refurbishment
  • Fit skirting boards in to the en-suite doorway recess
As can be seen, there is a fair bit to do and this is without the built in wardrobes that Chippy Ian has been booked in to build and the fiddly little jobs like filling cracks and holes.

I have made a start on the list and am pleased to say that the two cupboards are already stripped but today I took a break from the heat gun and the shave hook and applied myself to the elastic trickery.

I took myself down to the local DIY store and returned with new sockets, socket boxes, 2.5 mm, twin core and earth cable and light fittings and have been as happy as the proverbial pig pottering around replacing the ugly and obtrusive surface mounted boxes with neat flush mounted sockets. I have installed a junction box in the ring and installed one of the two spurs. I have sorted out the cable run for the second spur and plan to install the socket box and connect that all up tomorrow. A light pendant has also been fitted.

I've still got a lot of sanding and waxing to do but have broken the back of the electrical work. 

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