Friday, 15 June 2012

Adding Value

I spent the day at the nearest Circle of Hell poring over PowerPoint Slides with Victor.

This is about as much fun as it sounds but there were couple of high points in the day; firstly the Facilities People have finally removed the speed bumps from the site roads. This might sound a little pathetic, especially as I drive a Defender, but they were on the large size of huge and necessitate a change down from third to second at each encounter. Previously, by the time I reached the car park, I was fed up with the jarring interruptions, now I can speed around the site terrorising pedestrians and cyclists with no impediment ... Bliss

The second high point was that I finally managed to get Victor to do some very simple sums to estimate the potential scale of the latest project. I have been concerned for some weeks about mixed messages from the Sales Team and, allegedly, the client. The Client didn't want to feel "second division" and the "numbers" being called out by the Sales Guys just didn't match with the scope being presented...

Basically Sales were calling out a reasonable sized catch of Bass but the Client scope was suggesting a record breaking Marlin...

... after presenting Victor with some startling numbers he sharpened his pencil and checked my calculations. After we had managed to re-locate his jaw I watched as he made a few "urgent" calls to his Superiors to ensure common understanding ...

... a point to me, I think.

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