Friday, 8 June 2012

Baby Minding.

Bullshit has been created and I have provided feed back for half of the colleagues that have asked ...

... I am guessing that one of them might have regretted that decision when it comes to having his mid year review. Oh well, if he did fail to provide a deliverable on time* and he did needed to be reminded about it, did he really think that I was going to say that I thought the sun shone out of his arse?

On the work front I have been asked to look after a project whilst a colleague is away on holiday. I have some familiarity with it having done some work on it in the very early stages last year so it is not completely Terra Nova. We have spent a fortune on this piece of work and have still got nowhere near agreeing a contract with the client so the status can be summed up as follows ....

... we are not to spend any more money on this one without the Head Honcho's say so.

* it actually arrived a day after we had presented to the client without explanation or apology for the delay.

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