Monday, 4 June 2012

Catching Up - Again!

As predicted, Saturday night was most definitely a "bit of a do". As a result we were all feeling a little bit "tired" on Sunday. The miserable weather didn't particularly encourage us to do anything and consequently the only significant achievements were a trip to the Supermarket and I started a cure of a piece of Belly Pork.

The weather on Monday was  a vast improvement. The rain clouds had cleared and it was definitely a day for getting stuff done. After breakfast I prepared the veg for an enormous batch of Pea & Ham soup and left it simmering while I trundled over to Chippy Ian's to pay my debts and fill up the Defender with diesel.

Back at home we lunched and then TP and I did a reasonable impersonation of Removal Men. The surplus Sofa was removed from the lounge and put in the garage to await collection by the Charity shop. The smaller Sofa was moved from the "to be" Dining Room and positioned to replace the now redundant settee in the Lounge. The huge arm chair was moved from the Dining Room to the Office but that too may be headed to the Charity Shop too as it is way too large. Its only chance of reprieve is if the Dining Room can accommodate it ... I doubt it. The pine trunk was given a long overdue wax polish and was positioned on the Landing and the Dining Room is now starting to look semi-cleared*.

I then nipped out for a walk around the Three Miler with T&M before mowing the lawn. The weather is forecast to be dreadful this week and it looks like today would be my only chance to give it a trim. Once that was done it was time for a long overdue G&T before Bad Man Senior and Step Mum Sue arrived for Dinner.

30% had done us proud with a beautiful leg of lamb and it was great to see SMS in such good form as she has had what must be a very stressful week after the loss of her Father the previous Sunday. BMS was his usual incorrigible self and did much as he pleased including his usual "crime" of feeding all three dogs with scraps from the table. Dad and Sue did not stay late and 30% and I settled down for a little late night television whilst TP disappeared off to the see the Jubilee Beacon and the fireworks. On his return he informed us that he had been selected to carry the torch on the final leg of the Journey up to the top of the hill before handing it to the Beacon Lighter.
* The only problems that the remaining items are those fiddly things that take forever to sort and store. You know what I mean; photographs, CDs, ornaments and treasures. These all need to be found a permanent home or be discarded and that is not a five minute job.

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