Saturday, 9 June 2012

Hello Stranger

Much of June has been a total washout. The weather has been appalling and it feels more like March with the climate controls seeming to be stuck on the rain and cold winds setting. A result of this is that I have only been out on my bike once this year and have been not overly concerned about collecting the Ducati from Moto-vation in Cheltenham.

She has sat in Tim's workshop since the Autumn as, at 12 years of age, it was time for a minor refurbishment to keep her looking her best. After a minor hitch with the engine casing paint she was finally ready for collection today and, as luck would have it, Saturday looks like being the only fine day in this spell of miserable weather.

Once again,Tim had performed his magic and she looked fantastic sat outside the workshop. The engine casings had been re-painted after alloy corrosion had caused the original finish to bubble, the exhaust pipes had been polished and a carbon fibre "Hugger" mudguard had been fitted.

Shiny, shiny
Tim looked slightly concerned when he mentioned that the Hugger was a second hand unit that he had removed from another bike and that I could have it for 40% of the price of a new one. If he hadn't told me I would have never known as it was immaculate. It just goes to show what a decent  chap he is. I finally got around to asking about the bill and that was another surprise ...

... after nine months in his workshop and needing two attempts to get the engine paintwork correct plus an intricate piece of carbon fibre I was expecting, no hoping for, a bill that had three figures rather than four before the decimal point. I was flabbergasted when he presented the invoice and it was less than half of what I hoped it would be.

She is now safely tucked back in the garage, snug under a dust sheet, waiting for the sun to shine.

The rest of the day involved preparations for this evening as 30%'s Mum and Dad were over for dinner; dogs were walked, the house was tidied and food got cooked...

... A fine time was had and we have decided that Blackberry Vodka and Lemonade has the potential to be a VERY dangerous alcopop.

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