Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Picture Post No. 16

The main activity of today was to make a start on sorting out my photographic prints. I have a large wooden trunk of them and I started out with the intention of discarding all the poor shots and just retaining the good stuff ... Fat Chance! The revised plan was to throw out all of the duplicates and attempt to label each print pouch with event and approximate date information.

This plan has worked pretty well and I am now about three quarters of the way to completion and have managed to discard a reasonable amount of rubbish. I quite enjoyed the trip down memory lane and, at some point in the future, I will have another go and get the best shots scanned to the hard disk of the Mac.

I had an attempt today and this is the end result.

This little fellow is Bertie. The snap was taken sometime around 1994 when I lived in Granby in Nottinghamshire.

In the early evening I had to drag myself away from memory lane as we are off out for a meal in Stratford with 30%'s brother and his good lady.

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