Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Two Days in One

This is the week in which we make our presentation to our prospective client. A result of this is that work is filled with draft after draft of PowerPoint slides with the occasional review of the deck for a little light relief.

There is no way I can make this interesting so I am not going to make an attempt.

A positive aspect of the reviews is that Victor has cut a number of my slides to keep within the time limits. If he carries on like this I will just have to introduce myself then sit there and listen whilst munching my way through the plate of biscuits.

Tuesday was a long day as Victor decided that central London was a convenient location to work from ... a three hour journey each way with at least eight hours of work in the middle ... it might have been convenient for him but a fourteen hour day where almost half of it is spent on packed trains is a long way off my definition of convenient.*

I thought I liked travelling on trains but today's journeys have added a few caveats to that statement. I can now advise that I like travelling on empty trains where I have space to spread my stuff out and alternate between snoozing and viewing the countryside. Today's trains were packed with Commuters and there was hardly space to sit let alone read or balance a laptop on the pathetic excuse for a table that drops from the back of the seat in front.

I'd like to give a special mention to the grumpy man I sat by on the journey home. I may have mentioned that the trains were packed and he was sat in the aisle seat with a vacant window seat next to him. I put on my cheery voice and asked if the seat was free. He looked at me like I had just asked him if he had any naked pictures of his wife and then GRUDGINGLY lifted himself out of his seat so that I could take mine. I thanked him in the same cheery voice and he sat down saying nothing, not a word, not a peep .... miserable sod. I must admit I was half tempted to annoy him further by engaging him in conversation and thought about asking him to join me in a short prayer to our Lord for a safe and speedy journey.

I'd also like to ask why First Great Western have spent a fortune installing aeroplane style television units in to the seat backs. I can see the purpose of these devices when one is 50,000' in the air as there are only so many clouds one can look at before boredom sets in but a British train travels at an altitude of 0' and consequently there is a huge amount of Britain to take a look at and even the worst of that is far better than the viewing options they had kindly selected for my "pleasure"

There is no way I am going to wander down to the Buffet Car and spend a couple of quid on earphones to watch yet another re-run of Top Gear when I can have a huge chunk of rural England displayed for free. I also shudder to think what Mr Grumpy would have done if I needed to get up anyway.
* to avoid any doubt, I work from home a lot therefore convenient is out of bed, down the stairs across the hall and through the Office door.

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