Sunday, 10 June 2012

Warning ...

... for all those thinking of coming to Britain.

As the economic issues in Europe bite deeper still job losses and poverty are now real problems across the Continent. These are dark times in deed and, with no sign of recovery, certain sections of the community are resorting to age old tactics to put bread on the table and keep the wolf from the door.

Thought to be a piece of history it is now apparent that the Highwayman is now making a comeback in parts of the UK and travellers are reporting incidents where  dashing but anonymous, black cloaked, pistol waving felons are holding up vehicles and pedestrians with the shout of "Stand and Deliver". These unfortunates are then having their wallets lightened and their spouses are being subjected to leering glances and mild sexual innuendo*.

In the UK the local authorities are doing their best to warn the public by erecting appropriate signage in high risk areas. This sign, and a number of similar variants, are being installed across the country and you should be on your guard against theft and worse.

Your Money or Your Life
The advice to travellers is to employ burly but friendly locals to accompany you on trips in rural parts. These can be recruited in any local tavern and will be quite willing to provide guard services for a shilling** at most. Feel free to approach any large, brutish looking men in a British Pub and ask them if they fancy a ride out down a dark lane with you. They will be more than happy to help out. For ladies travelling alone all I can suggest is the avoidance of low cut dresses and if the worst happens ...

... swoon.
* apparently not always unwelcome
** 5 pence or about 8 US cents

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