Thursday, 29 May 2014

At least it's not another elephant photo

Most of today was spent working alone in an office in Victoria.  My Boss and colleagues obviously can't handle two sequential days in the office so I was on my lonesome until mid afternoon when I headed out for a pre rush hour train back to the Midlands.

There is little of any great interest to report about my day* so I have trawled my photo archive and retrieved a couple of snaps from last years trip to New York. Normally these would have been presented in the weeks following that holiday but I didn't produce a single Journal entry for six months as I got to grips with the fundamentals of the new role.
So, as it says in the title to this entry; at least it is not another Sri Lankan elephant.
* I'm guessing TP will want to put it behind him too as it was his Driving Test today and it didn't go as well as hoped.

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