Thursday, 22 May 2014

Head Down.

I'm not sure what to jot down for today.

By the time I surfaced some time around six in the evening I realised that I had been head down all day on a wide variety of projects including a new one where my Boss would like me to "help out as needed". This was not the most useful guidance I had ever received but, looking at it in a positive light, it appears that he trusts me and values my input on a very significant opportunity.

So that was it; a day spent at the laptop with a short break for lunch but no time to head out around the Three Miler.

Away from work I have finally finished the chemical stripping of the mantle shelf above the Inglenook and am sure that, after sanding, it will look fantastic. I realise that this job is taking some time but I would rather be over cautious than end up with woodwork that is permanently stained due to aggressive chemical strippers.

Friday is fast approaching and I hope I can finish this element* of the Hall renovation over the three day Bank Holiday weekend.
* I still have a door frame and two cupboard frames to strip

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