Thursday, 1 May 2014

It is not all about work ...

I appreciate that there is a significant gap in the Journal from last Autumn until I recommenced a few weeks back. One could assume, incorrectly, that very little happened but I can reassure that that was most definitely not the case. I have no intention of attempting to fill in this gap in this post but hopefully over the next few months some of the missing entries will get covered in some form or another.

I appreciate that tales from the wonderful world of outsourcing and networking do not make the most exciting read so perhaps I will use the missing months as filler instead.

Since Thursday's achievements are unlikely to be of interest to the casual observer I will use this entry to bring you up to speed on the Home Office. Back in July last year I finally cleared the room that was destined to become our Office/Study. I even posted a few photographs to show what a grimy, miserable space it was.

In the intervening months, plaster has been stripped, ceilings have been taken down, rewiring has been completed and much, much more. We finally managed to move the furniture back in about ten weeks ago and it now looks like this …
The Badger was a steal from a local junk emporium.
I just had to fabricate a plinth for him from some scavenged mahogany
Toasty warm in winter and the original stone hearth was a real find
The curtains are temporary …
and I had to build and fit the door frame as well as hang the door
It is a lovely place to work

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