Friday, 23 May 2014

Thank God there is a three day weekend ahead

If I thought Thursday was busy, Friday was even more frenetic!

Fortunately, and I cannot believe I am using the word "fortunately" in this context, I woke a little after five and consequently was fuelled and ready to hit the in-box at around seven in the morning. This head start was exactly what I needed and by nine thirty I took control of a review meeting having drafted and populated an action tracker and issued it to the meeting attendees beforehand.

My Boss was on the call and he said my approach was "perfect". There was no time for any self congratulation though as three sequential calls followed and it was midday before I came up for air.

Again, there was no time for a break as 30% had purchased* an Art Deco Bookcase earlier in the week and we both leapt in to the car to head out to collect it. One might ask why she is buying a bookcase when we already have a quartet of Lebus, glass fronted, Barrister's bookcases dotted around the house …

… Well, her handbag collection has now reached a size where storage and display facilities are needed and this '30's piece of furniture was deemed just the job. I am hoping that this encourages her to make a start on her hoard in "The Purple Bedroom." **

The afternoon was equally hectic and at one point I was attending once conference call and minuting another. It eventually all calmed down around five in the evening and I didn't do much more that hit the sofa for the rest of the day.
* or rather, I had been instructed to do so on her behalf.
** I don't recall whether I have ever mentioned this before but we have a room forever known as "The Purple Bedroom". It was painted a strident purple before we bought the house and achieved notoriety during the building work we had done back in 2007. During the build this room was clearly visible from the road as two walls and the roof had to be demolished and reconstructed. It was so noticeable that the builders used it as a landmark when giving directions to delivery drivers … "just carry on down the High Street and stop when you see the purple wall" … it never failed!***
*** I should point out that is is now a far more sedate "Ivory Lace"

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