Tuesday, 1 January 2013

The dutchman and Gravlax

Yesterday was quiet, today was quieter still. I spent the morning cutting and fitting a couple of dutchmen in to the door frame in the Dining Room. At some point in the past the door has been moved from one side of the frame to the other and, as a result, there were two sections removed from the frame for lock mechanisms. These are now filled with pieces of timber and, after sanding and staining, will look a lot less conspicuous than the two tatty holes they now fill.

After this hour of carpentry 30% and I took a walk around the Three Miler and spent out time calling back the dogs due to the horde of New Year Wanlkers, lunch followed and in the mid-afternoon we were joined by Pinky for afternoon tea and chat.

We strong-armed her in to sampling the last of the Gravlax and, based on her experiences in Denmark, she declared it a success and demanded the recipe. So here it is ...


2 x 1 lb salmon fillets (from either side of the fish towards the head end)
3 tbsp cooking salt
2 tbsp soft brown sugar
1 tsp freshly ground black pepper
25 - 30 g chopped Dill
1 tbsp spirits (I used Gin)

  • Mix the salt, sugar, black pepper and dill together in a bowl and put to one side
  • Place a length of cling film about 18" - 24" long on a work surface and place the first piece of salmon, skin side down, on the plastic film
  • Spread the salt/sugar/pepper/dill mixture on the piece of fish
  • Sprinkle on the spirits
  • Then lay the second piece of fish on top with the skin facing outwards
  • Wrap tightly with the cling film but leave the ends of the parcel open
  • Wrap with a second piece of cling film and, again, leave the ends open
  • Place the salmon parcel in a glass dish
  • Place a second, slightly smaller dish on top and weight (I used about 3lbs of weights)
  • Refrigerate and turn the salmon over every twelve hours, pour off any liquor that accumulates in the dish
  • After three days remove and unwrap
The salmon should now have changed both in colour and texture and can be thinly sliced on the bias as is smoked salmon. It is fantastic served with cream cheese and rye bread.

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