Friday, 28 May 2010

It can only get worse, then hopefully better

Today started well when I woke to find that I had not grown overnight as 30% has previously idly wished.

Therefore my clothes still fit and there is still sufficient room at the foot of the bed for Tyson to curl up on.

Chickens were fed and let out, TP's lunch was assembled, a Double Espresso was made and at 7.30 I sat down to develop a "fag packet" price for a customer meeting at 10 o'clock. Yet another day of Sales People, Suppliers and demands for information that will take weeks to determine accurately but is needed this afternoon so the Customer can make a decision.

So, why am I not climbing the walls?

I was supposed to be in London to attend these meetings in person which is 6 hours of commuting. Instead I have been dialled in on conference calls. It is a crappy day but my glass is half full because I haven't had to buy it from a Buffet Car and loose the top half as I wobble down a carriage packed with sweaty commuters with a laptop slung over one shoulder.

I have next week booked off and am going out tonight to see Stewart Francis at a local venue. So its a rough week followed by a good week.

I must have a word with 30% as she may have cocked up the Probability Pants sequence in my underwear drawer. If you think about it you are likely to have an equal number of lucky and unlucky pants so you need to get them labelled with an indelible laundry marker pen so that you always have lucky weekend leaving you 3.5 pairs of unlucky pants and 1.5 pairs of lucky pants to distribute as you think fit thought the working week.

Pedants amongst you may start wittering on about "how do you wear half a pair of pants?". Obviously you have to work your system over a 14 day period to ensure you always have a full pair of pants on. For God's Sake - Do I have to do all the thinking round here!

I know there are going to be people who have an unequal distribution of probability underwear. This explains those Jammy Bastards and also those odd people that you meet on railway station platforms and staring at the ground in city centres. I suppose they are just at the opposite ends of the Bell Shaped Curve of perhaps "Bell Enders" ? :-)

See You!

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