Wednesday, 26 May 2010

We may have Borrowers!

.... or, as will become more apparent a Borrower; singular!

Over the weekend 30% lost her mobile phone. Now I'm not one to jump to conclusions but I'm bloody sure that we have Borrowers. All the signs are there, small items missing that can be reworked by clever nimble fingers and devious little minds backed up by a Borrower culture going back to the dawn of time and I have the ultimate proof but I will get to that later.

If you think about it from a Borrower perspective a Motorola Razr is going to make one hell of a flat screen LCD TV once they have got it set up and running in their wall cavity lair. With a few adaptations it will make the perfect Home Media Centre with telecomms, TV and Internet Access all in one unit and, of course, 30% had a load of credit on it.

I'm guessing that they, or should I say "HE" has pretty modern decor in his lair in view of the fact that he has a shocking pink flat screen TV installed. I'm guessing that the missing fridge magnets may have been utilised as retro stools for his guests.

Now to why I think it is a Borrower singular rather than a family of the thieving vermin scum. The little sod has spliced the Motorola in to our Satellite TV System..... and how do I know this? Each morning when I settle down to catch the morning headlines with a cup of coffee I find that the TV is stuck on an Adult Channel that shows a 10 minute free view - CASE PROVEN!

I'm afraid the reality is far less interesting. She dropped it walking the dogs and we had to retrace her steps to the stile where it fell out of her pocket. Tyson showed potential as a sniffer dog by locating the phone in the undergrowth.

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