Monday, 16 June 2014

A late Spring Clean

Yesterday's minor achievement of getting the Honda running after a Winter lay up has given me the necessary motivation to get her back out on the road.

At the end of the working day I had fulfilled my Piano Moving responsibilities, I had walked the dogs and I had also performed the Herculean task of tidying the kitchen. I therefore felt neither guilt nor obligation as I headed out to the garage and examined the partially dismantled motorcycle …

… Basically she wasn't filthy but having spent six months under a hastily draped dust sheet, alongside a Planer Thicknesser meant that she was sporting a coat of fine saw dust. A bloody good dust and polish was definitely in order.

I didn't get too far with the job before the dinner gong was rung but I can report that the rear wheel now looks lovely and a decent, but remarkably inexpensive, cover has been ordered from the internet.

I just need to work out how long it will take me to get her polished up so that I can get her booked in for an MOT.

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