Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Tidying Up

Today was much like yesterday between the hours of nine and five...

… At the end of my working day I once again headed out to the garage to continue cleaning the Honda. It wasn't long before the frustration caused by lack of space resulted in a temporary cessation and, instead, I spent the best part of an hour tidying and shifting some of the workshop equipment to create some room. Whilst this activity fell far short of a complete tidy up I now have the Honda positioned with ample room to move around her without fear of setting the Ducati's alarm off or banging in to the planer thicknesser.

I actually used a dolly to move the planer thicknesser and this gave me a germ of an idea. The garage is a fantastic space but having the workshop equipment positioned for use all of the time is very limiting. If it was all easy to move it could be positioned out of the way and then simply trundled out when needed. I think I need to investigate purchasing a couple of mobile equipment bases to give me more flexibility in this space …

.. or perhaps room for another motorcycle.

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