Monday, 2 February 2015

Work 'n play

After many weeks of very light duties it has taken me a while to get back in the saddle with regard to managing a reasonable workload but, after today's performance, I think I am just about there.

The bulk of the morning was spent performing the electronic equivalent of doodling as I started to sketch out an Operational Model for one of my projects. The afternoon was mostly taken up with calls and I was even diligent enough to draft and issue a set of minutes before I knocked off and took Whiffler to puppy training.

Puppy Training! … How can I describe puppy training?

On the plus side; at least he was slightly more focused than last week and, to be fair, he did reasonably well at the exercises where he was required to sit or lie down while I stepped away from him. He had never done either of these before and sort of understood what was required of him.

However it is so hard to hold his attention and he just so wants to bugger off down the room and play with the other pups. I have a faint recollection of Tyson and Marauder being a nightmare for the first few weeks and can only hope that he eventually gets it and settles down at school.

Comment of the evening came from Brenda; the class leader; "I thought poodles were supposed to be intelligent" followed closely by "He isn't anything like your other two".

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